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Primary School


Enquiry Learning

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Our Enquiry Learning


Our intention at Stanbridge Primary is to create a culture of curiosity and challenge that permeates both explicit and hidden curricula. Our school is in the early stages of implementing a local, bespoke version of the Curious-cityTM approach that inspires and guides our teachers to create contextually relevant enquiry-led experiences.



Our teachers want to inspire learners using local people, places and stories relevant to Stanbridge.  We are passionate that learners study people from our local community and history, to then use this knowledge to understand the world around them. The curriculum will immerse the learners in the context of our local community, as well as the 21st century world.



Ambition, Bravery and Creativity:

Our aim at Stanbridge is to create ambitious, creative and brave life-long learners who are curious about the world around them.

We will teach them the skills and knowledge required through a series of enquiries, all based around a single question with no clear answer. Learners will journey through the enquiry, unpicking the question and building an answer from the knowledge and skills they acquire. Learners will be encouraged to challenge each other with reasoned and balanced arguments as their opinions develop. We want all of our learners to feel brave enough to have a voice, even if this is different from their peers. Developing our learner’s oracy and resilience skills is a key focus this year at Stanbridge.


Through their time at Stanbridge we will be equipping our children to become: