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VOLUNTEERS for all events urgently needed!

Please Facebook PM or email the PTA team on



Stanbridge Recipe Book 2022

We're creating our very own special Stanbridge Recipe book. Designed and written by pupils, teachers, friends and family of Stanbridge Primary School. This book will be a collection of favourite recipes for anyone who wants to contribute and will make a beautiful keepsake of our wonderful school and useful go to kitchen recipe book!


Please help us to make it fantastic, submit your recipes by emailing us a recipe with title, bullet list of ingredients and method! 


Email recipes to ASAP, we're still collected and collating, so make sure you're a part of it!


***School Discos - Update coming soon, thank you for your patience***


The lottery is going places! Bigger and better prizes and the funds being raised for the PTA and our school is incredible and making a huge difference! Just £1 a week on DD and you can make a huge impact to our school for all the children.


Prizes include £15 for weekly winner, £25,000 jackpot and a weekly fruit & veg box for a year, sign up at
Find out more about the PTA and join us in raise funds for the school at


If you need any help or have any questions, or want to volunteer, email us at


We're going PAPERLESS!!

Help us help the environment, and in the process make your life easier with all PTA events bookable online!

Please visit the PTA events booking website and register for an account now! It's super quick and easy and means you can book anything on the run! Thank you for your continued support!


What is the PTA? 

The PTA is a group of volunteers who give their time to make a difference to Stanbridge Primary School and all the children that go there. We’re a friendly bunch, and our goal is to raise money and help our children enjoy an even better school life! For more information please read About the PTA.


What do we spend the funds on? 

The funds raised by the PTA gets spent on a variety of things to help improve our school and the experience for all our children.


Thanks to the support of the PTA, friends and families of Stanbridge and charitable support, we were able to donate a massive £20,000 to the School in early 2019 to help fund the replacement and repair of the all-weather play equipment in the field and a new running track, installed in May! Something every child in the school is already enjoying the benefit from! 
We also donate ad-hoc amounts to the school for trips, reception/leavers gifts, the Y6 SATS breakfast, and to the Y6 prom amongst many other things. 

Read more on The Difference We've Made page!

We need your help

As you can imagine it takes a lot of effort to put on events and raise money. We are always on the lookout for volunteers and it doesn't mean giving up your day job! Helping at an event here and there, wrapping some gifts at Christmas or doing some online admin, we have a variety of small and large tasks we need help with.

We'll soon have a Volunteer page to view more information, but in the meantime if you're interest please email the PTA team at fospta@ymail.comPlease get involved! It's lots of fun, you get to work with great people and help your school! 


Help and FAQs

Hopefully you'll find all the information you need on these PTA pages, but should you have anymore questions or queries, please visit our Help and FAQs page for more information.