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About the PTA




What is the PTA?
The PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. We are a non-profit organisation made up of volunteers, including teachers, parents, grandparents and carers whose children attend the school. The PTA, and all it’s volunteers, is dedicated to raising funds to support the school in enriching the lives of its pupils.


Who runs the PTA?
We have 3 members on the board and a larger group of volunteers who help whenever they can.


Chairs - Carolyn Pimm and Sarah Parrott
Treasurer – Jane Evans
Secretary – Louise Humphreys


But we can’t run it alone. Thanks to all that have supported us so far, but we still need more volunteers. You don’t have to give up an evening every week for the rest of your days! If you could just give a small bit of your time, perhaps help at one event or do some organising, or if you have computer skills (we need that too), it would be enough to help us do so much more! It’s actually great fun, you meet great people and get to know your school. 
What does the money get spent on?

The funds raised by the PTA gets spent on a variety of things to help improve our school and the whole school experience for our children.


Thanks to the support the PTA, friends and families of Stanbridge and fund-matching/donations from The Clara E Burgess Charity, Tesco Bags of Help and Sun Life, we were recently able to donate a massive £20,000 to the School in early 2019 to help fund the replacement and repair of the all-weather play equipment in the field and a new running track, installed in May! Something every child in the school will benefit from!
We also donate ad-hoc amounts to the school for trips, reception/leavers gifts, the Y6 SATS breakfast, and to the Y6 prom, which is organised by parents.
What events does the PTA run and when are they?

For more information on our events please visit our Events page and you can also keep up-to-date and receive notifications by following us on our Facebook page! 

The events range from after-school film or disco nights to ad hoc cake sales or splash parties and annual events such as the Christmas Fayre/Carols. For the latest on what’s coming up check out the PTA events section or you can visit our Facebook PTA page!
Can I pay online for events? 

You can now pay online for Friends of Stanbridge events – register on our PTA Events website and once you verify the account,  you’ll be able to login and pay for any event listed.


For those who prefer to pay by cash or cheque there is a ‘PTA box’ on the wall in the school office where cash (in envelopes please!) can be posted. 

Please note: The PTA can accept the 50p and £1 coins that have recently been replaced by new versions - although shops won't accept them as legal tender we are still able to bank them.
How can I help?
We definitely want any help we can get,, whether it’s contributing ideas in a planning meeting, spending half-an-hour manning a stall, subscribing to the monthly Lottery, helping us manage our events online or any other way you think you can support us. Any and all help welcome!Contact to find out more about volunteering or join our Facebook group!
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