Primary School


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team

Miss K Littlewood (Headteacher & Deputy DSL)
Mr A McGovern (Deputy Headteacher & DSL)
Mr D Payne (Assistant Headteacher & Year 5 Teacher)
Ms M Street (SENDCo)
Mr J Baker (Year 1/2 Phase Leader & Year 3 Teacher)
Mrs E Lazenby-Hall (Year 5/6 Phase Leader)

Office and Site Team

Mrs C Dibble (School Business Manager)
Mrs O Wisener-Walsh (Administrator)
Mrs L Smith (Clerical Assistant)
Mrs R Watts (Clerical Assistant)
Mr W Waldron (Caretaker)
Mr C Howell (Assistant Caretaker & Cleaner)

Classroom Teachers

Miss L Lockett-Kirk (EYFS Teacher)
Miss R Gibbins (EYFS Teacher)
Mrs S Toogood (Year 1 Teacher)
Mrs E Bowman (Year 1 Teacher)
Miss R Roberts (Year 1 Teacher)
Mrs C McKinstry (Year 2 Teacher)
Miss S Hoddinott (Year 2 Teacher)
Miss O Date (Year 2 Teacher)
Mr R Passmore (Year 3 Teacher)
Miss J Williams (Year 4 Teacher)
Miss L Thomas (Year 4 Teacher)
Miss A Oades (Year 5 Teacher)
Miss M Downes (Year 6 Teacher)
Miss A McWatters (Year 6 Teacher)
Miss E Owen (Class Teacher)
Mrs C Mazzey (Class Teacher)

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mrs D Emes (Home School Support & Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S Curtis (HL Teaching Assistant)
Mrs L Winterson (HL Teaching Assistant)
Mrs W Moorhead (HL Teaching Assistant)
Miss N Morris (Teaching Assistant)
Miss J Mapstone (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs C Luscombe (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs E Critchley (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs A Andrews-Britton (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs C Iles (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs E Smith (Teaching Assistant)
Miss Emma Grace (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs F Franklin (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs G Kendall (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs S England (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs H Mathews (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs M Gazzard (Pupil Support)

Lunch Break Supervisor Team

Mrs A Webb (Senior Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs A Dawes (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs B Martin (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs J Cozens (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs L Cresswell (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs M Jones (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Mrs L Cundy (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Miss K Guest (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Miss K Howarth Lunch Break Supervisor
Mrs A Wynne (Lunch Break Supervisor)
Miss V Robinson (Lunch Break Supervisor)