Primary School


Enquiry Learning

Our enquiry learning – Lighting Up Learning

This term the children of Stanbridge are being introduced to our new way of teaching our wider curriculum subjects. They may have already started coming home saying ‘I’ve been a historian/scientist/author today!’


Our wider curriculum is now being taught through a cross-curricular enquiry approach. Each Enquiry covers different objectives from the National Curriculum. They also follow a similar learning process, where the children experience an ‘engagement’ event, travel through skills and knowledge lessons to end finally with a challenge and showcase of their learning. Each Enquiry Challenge is held as a question, which the children will be able to answer within their showcase.


This way of learning means that the children will be experiencing much more ‘hands-on’, discovery led learning with a final, purposeful outcome at the end of every enquiry.


We have also introduced ‘States of Being’ within this Enquiry process, which help identify the different, and sometimes joint, skills that the children are using within the different enquiries. Please encourage your children to talk about these at home and research further. We love having home learning which enriches the whole class!