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Primary School



At Stanbridge Primary School we believe that in order for children to achieve their potential when writing they should be writing for purpose. Writing lessons will always be immersed in the current topic to ensure children have the necessary ideas and knowledge to enable them to write fluently. We use the below guidance, from Michael Tidd, to help us weave the national curriculum objectives into purposeful and real writing opportunities. 

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar


To empower our children to communicate effectively using spoken and written language, it is essential that spelling, punctuation and grammar are used proficiently. We teach and refer to punctuation and grammar on a daily basis. Below is a guidance document of key terms the children will be using.



At Stanbridge, children are taught phonics daily in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 to support their reading, writing and spelling. This foundation is key to a successful speller. Furthermore, there are two lists of high frequency words taught in Key Stage 1 that children should be confident with spelling consistently by the start of Year 3. Spelling rules and patterns are also taught each week interwoven within a teaching unit to support their understanding of writing new words. 

High Frequency Words

KS2 Statutory Words

Word of the Day


We are discreetly teaching new vocabulary to the children every day. Each school day will begin by exploring a new word. Children will rehearse the word verbally, break it down into syllables, talk about what word class it belongs to and how they know, then use it in a sentence. This will also involve exploring the morphology, synonyms and antonyms. We believe that widening children's vocabulary will unlock many doors to a deeper understanding of the world around them.