Primary School

Aim High and Fly!

Our Provision and Outdoor Learning

At Stanbridge, we pride ourselves on our fantastic provision. We believe that the classroom is the second teacher and that with excellent planning and set-up, children become autonomous learners; the children are the leaders. It is then our job as practitioners to support them in their exploration. We also have a superb outdoor learning set up so that pupils have the choice of whether they explore new concepts inside or outside. They can design and build elaborate bridges to walk across; explore under the sea creatures at the water tray; cook interesting meals in the mud kitchen; become pirates using costumes and props or; dig into some gardening.

Picture 1 I am a builder!
Picture 2 We are gardeners!
Picture 3 We are farmers!
Picture 4 We are creating 3D models!
Picture 5 I can make a repeating pattern!
Picture 6 I am an architect!
Picture 7 I like exploring shapes!
Picture 8 I can build!
Picture 9 I am exploring texture and colour!
Picture 10 I can estimate!
Picture 11 I enjoy using money!
Picture 12 I can talk about amounts!
Picture 13 I can create 3D shapes using 2D shapes!
Picture 14 We can plan and construct!
Picture 15 We are artists!