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Primary School


Being an Author

Lead authors:

Miss Oades and Miss Thomas


At Stanbridge, we aim to provide all children with engaging, exciting and high-quality writing experiences that will promote a strong understanding of grammar skills and a passion for language. This will equip all our young people to leave Stanbridge as independent, confident and passionate authors.


How do we teach writing and why has this approach been chosen?

Writing at Stanbridge is always driven by high-quality texts. Where possible, our texts are linked to our wider curriculum enquiries to allow children to explore many different areas and aspects of their learning. The use of high-quality texts allows all pupils to access those that are rich in vocabulary and can inspire their writing.

In EYFS and Year 1, writing is taught through continuous provision and children have the opportunity to explore high-quality texts through role-play, free writing and teacher-led activities.

In Years 2 – 6, children are able to explore these texts in more formal lessons, where they can showcase their own imagination and flair in regular writing sessions. Children are also able to build on the grammatical skills taught throughout their time at Stanbridge to create regular fiction and non-fiction pieces of writing.


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?

All Stanbridge learners will leave having been exposed to the highest quality texts and have a strong understanding of the grammar skills they need to be successful authors. Our pupils will also develop their oracy through discussion around these texts and they will gain their own independence and confidence to write successfully.