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Primary School


Year Groups

It’s time for fun... lots of fun!


“You might think that all of the fun stuff we do at school would be done on the playing field, in one of the school halls or even at the dinner table.  But it’s not...!  Most of the best and greatest stuff we do is in our very own classrooms.

All year groups have their very own pages on our school website, which means we get a chance to show off our work and you get a chance to see what we are up to in school”.

Meeting with Teachers

If you would like to speak to your child’s class teacher, please either send a note or make an appointment for the end of the day. Teachers are often short of time before 8.55am as they are preparing for the day. For urgent enquiries, please contact the school office.

Learning at Home

Visit our E-Safety page, which includes fresh ideas with links, help and suggestions. The Mathematics page helps to support learning with calculation and the English page helps with the written word.

Science Week Photos