Primary School

Aim High and Fly!

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6...

Miss Lazenby and Miss Treharne


Year 6 arrived safely at Outdoor Adventure and the activities got straight underway. Two groups started by orienteering and finding their way around the centre while our other two groups practised some team building skills.


We ended the evening with chicken nuggets and a lovely night walk!

Diary Entry 1: 08.10.18

team building; orienteering; night walk; superteams

Year 6 Camp (2018/19)

We have had a brilliant first full day: we have many brave children who have abseiled and been bodyboarding! Room inspections are going well...we have some very tidy children.


We are looking forward to more adventures tomorrow after a good sleep!

Diary Entry 2: 09.10.18

abseiling; canoeing; body boarding; night lines; egg walk

Day 3 in Cornwall and the children are still having a great time with some beautiful weather. They have been very brave, abseiling. Lots made it down the cliff.


Only 2 days until we are all back, but I think they’d be happy here for another week.

Diary Entry 3: 10.10.18

beach art; archery; kayaking; beautiful weather

After an absolutely fantastic week we are all feeling very proud of ourselves and the brilliant things we have achieved.

Diary Entry 4: 11.10.18

surfing; kayaking; canoeing; bbq; cliff fire; disc