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News from our Home / School Support Worker...


“Hello my name is Debbie Emes and I am your family support worker. As well as having worked with children for many years I am also a parent and grandparent.”



Mrs Debbie Emes - Home / School Support Worker


Being a parent is very rewarding but it can also present us with some very challenging aspects to deal with and I can understand how this would place pressure on a happy, successful, smooth running home and school life.


Circumstances can change suddenly through no fault of our own and this can prove to be a challenge for many of us. This may be because of a house move, disability of a family member, housing unemployment, mental health problems or family breakdown.


As well as being able to help families with advice I am able to listen and empathise through counseling skills I have obtained through training. I am therefore well prepared to support parents in a non-judgmental way. I work closely with senior staff, our SEN coordinator and other agencies such as the school nurse, educational  psychologists and parent support groups.


Please contact me through the school office or catch me in the school playground if you would like to come in and have a chat one afternoon. I can also offer local home visits for some parents if needed.


I have listed some areas that you may like advice on:

  • mental / physical health issues
  • school attendance
  • sign posting
  • new starts / settling in
  • employment
  • food banks / housing / debt
  • family breakdown
  • bereavement / loss
  • Drug/ alcohol awareness
  • Volunteering in school and the community
  • Counselling / positive thinking/relaxation


I can also help by offering parents access to courses and activities in a variety of subjects within the community

  • Adult numeracy and literacy
  • Dyslexia support for parents/children
  • Lift psychology/ cognitive behaviour therapy
  • Parenting skills workshops
  • Learning English as an additional language
  • Pampering on a budget/keeping mind/body fit


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*  Please note that the Home / School Support Worker replaces the Parent Link role  *