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Primary School


Religious Education

Religious Education Lead:

Miss Downes


At Stanbridge, we believe religious education contributes significantly to developing children's tolerance and awareness of others by provoking challenging questions and enabling pupils to develop a knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices. Our religious programme of study helps the children’s own personal development and promotes respect for self and others. We feel that for pupils to be able to understand our constantly changing world they need to be able to interpret and understand religious issues and be able to openly discuss their significance. We want the children at Stanbridge to grow to be accepting of everyone no matter their differences and to leave school with a broad knowledge of a range of different religions.


How do we teach Religious Education and why has this approach been chosen?


From reception to year 6, the children at Stanbridge are introduced to a new ‘Big Question’ each term that gives them the opportunity to learn about and discuss a range of different religions across the year. The children learn things about what people believe, how people show their beliefs in their daily lives as well as understand religious symbols and stories. The religious education lessons taught at Stanbridge engage the pupils and create a space for open and rich discussions around a range of religious topics.


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?


Children at Stanbridge will leave being tolerant, understanding and respectful of others. They will be critical thinkers who have a positive attitudes towards others, respecting their beliefs and experience. We will know we have been successful by observing the way children interact with each other and the conversations they have as well and engaging in conversations with the children ourselves about what they have learnt in their religious education lessons. We want them to be able to discuss their own beliefs as well as articulately discuss the beliefs of others.



  • We are currently working on refining and implementing our 'Big Questions' across the school
  • We are encouraging the children to speak openly about their own beliefs and we have enjoyed bringing this into our classrooms 



  • We hope to soon be able to invite speakers from different religions into school to talk to the children
  • We would like to visit some different places of worship to immerse the children in different religious practices
  • Next year we will have RE focus days where different year groups will focus on a different religious festival/celebration throughout the year

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