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Primary School



Effective Communication...


We are committed to ensuring communication to and from school is effective. An OWLS form (link above) is used for parents/carers to tell us:


Opportunities of offers of time, resources or expertise to support the work of the school

What is going well?

Listening ear—share any concerns or complaints you may have

Suggestions and ideas. Please see the Reception Office for a form.


We want to ensure effective communication between home and school and using this form will enable a swift response from school staff (usually within 48 hours of it being received). Alternatively you are welcome to write a letter or pop into the school office/see your child’s class teacher at the end of the day.

The school email is for making appointments and for sending messages to the school office. Please do not use email as a means of communicating with class teachers or the Head Teacher as this is not secure and may take longer to get to the correct person.


OWLS Feedback Forms - Update


Thank you for the many OWLS Feedback Forms which we have received in recent weeks. We have managed to contact some of you on specific issues but thought you would appreciate some general feedback on some questions raised


Q: How do we encourage young children to eat their dinner?

A: The Lunch break Supervisors are very positive with the children and do everything they can to encourage them to finish their dinner. We are currently reviewing our lunchtime arrangements and by using feedback from staff and pupils we are likely to be making some changes. We will keep you informed as they happen.


Q: Could we plan an Arts week for the summer term?

A: Our creative team are considering ways to promote all of the arts. We are currently looking at how we can make good cross curricular links and this is likely to be a focus in one of our in-service days. In addition we are planning a Sporting and Cultural Olympiad with the other local schools in the area. More news to follow.


Q: Can we have a cake sale to raise money for school?

A: Friends of Stanbridge (our PTA) does a fantastic job at raising money and organising events for parents and children. The disco and Christmas shopping evening were a huge success and much fun was had by all. The PTA are always keen to get your suggestions and we will pass this one onto them. If you have any suggestions or can offer help at any events please let us know.


Q: Could parents meet with teachers or TAs after school to raise any questions or concerns?

A: Yes of course. All KS2 children leave by their classroom doors and Reception and KS1 teachers hand over the children to a responsible adult. Please feel free to catch the teacher at this time for a quick word. It is difficult first thing in the morning but you can leave a message with the adult at the door and the teacher or TA will get back to you. We also have our new drop in sessions following the class assemblies when your child can show you the classroom and their books. We will continue to have our usual parent’s evening to discuss progress with you.


Q: My child is complaining that she can’t take an unhealthy snack to school like her friends.

A: If children bring a snack to school it should be a healthy option. This is a piece of fruit or a healthy snack bar. We do not allow crisps, chocolate, sweets. Children are encouraged to drink water to keep their brains healthy and active. They should not bring sugared drinks. Stanbridge has Healthy Schools status.

Please keep the OWLS forms coming in - we welcome your feedback. Thank you also for your kind words and support.