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Aim High and Fly!

Our Governor Development Day - Spring 2016

Governors serve 4-year terms and it is now considered good practice not to spend more than two terms of office at the same school (though skills gained will then be welcome at other schools) so, as you can imagine, there is a constant flow of new governors at schools. We hope this gives a mix of the older hands – in governing terms if not in years – and new blood so complacency never sets in.


We were pleased to see that, as a body, we could mark crosses on every column of our skills audit when we got together for our latest development day. Desired skills range from technical matters such as financial planning, data analysis and procurement (though governors don’t do these as a day job for the school but rather monitor what the school does) to more general attributes such as willingness to learn and identifying problems. Plenty of governors are linked to the community in general but the main area

where we would like more crossover is a governor with local business links. It could be you!


Governors don’t tend to arrive at the school fully formed which is why we have such governor development days, to add the personal Stanbridge touch to local authority training sessions. The Chair and the Head provided some invented scenarios and the half dozen non-staff governors in attendance gave suggestions for appropriate ways to approach them which would be in keeping with our role of monitoring, supporting, challenging, and making effective decisions, while always remaining strategic. If you would like to know what these boil down to in plain English, why not ask a current governor?


During the day governors also took an hour’s tour of the school; it’s always heartening to see the children being so busy, confident and productive. Later we looked at some of the nuts and bolts of assessment: how new software is being used to track children’s progress and coverage of the curriculum, new national age-related expectations for attainment and how Stanbridge is working on these. Governors receive regular updates on the children’s progress and attainment – although we hear about groups of children only, never individuals.


Like the children, we are all on a learning journey and striving for excellence in what we do and we’d be happy to welcome you into the family.