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Primary School



Oracy lead:

Mrs McKinstry

We want all of our children to have a voice. We recognise the extreme importance of being able to talk well and learn through talk. Oracy, is a vital part of the Curriculum at Stanbridge Primary School and we want oracy to be at the heart of the education we provide. 


Our aim is to provide the children in our care with the tools they need to develop, build and embed their oracy skills. This will enable all pupils to communicate effectively and confidently in front of any type of audience.  These skills are being encouraged in every area of our curriculum as good communication skills can enhance every type of learning. The children are encouraged to explore ideas through talk; challenge each other’s opinions and develop their own reasoned arguments, as well as talking in full sentences with a clear and confident voice.


Oracy is integral to our 2020-2024 School Development Plan and is very much a work in progress and not the finished product.

What is Oracy?

‘Oracy is the ability to articulate ideas, develop understanding and engage with others through spoken language.’ (Voice21).  At Stanbridge Primary School, we are teaching our children to be confident, articulate speakers and effective listeners; these two skills are fundamental to all we do now and in the children’s lives when they leave Stanbridge.

What is oracy

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