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Primary School


Healthy Schools

Stanbridge Primary - the Healthy School...



Our school was awarded Healthy Schools status a few years ago and it was great to have our efforts to encourage the children to lead healthy

lifestyles acknowledged.

We endeavour to get the children to bring healthy snacks and packed lunches into school, and work hard to ensure they get a good grounding in looking after themselves through our Curriculum.


Subjects such as P.E., Science and P.H.S.E. provide opportunities for teachers to help the children make sensible choices about keeping safe and healthy at all times. Our sports coaches and play rangers also support this important work through the sessions they are involved with. The school kitchen provides healthy food options, as does our morning tuck shop for KS2, and we installed 3 water dispensers for the children to access when needed.


However, as a result of recent financial decisions the Healthy Schools programme has been run down. Instead schools are expected to ensure that healthy lifestyles continue to form part of their curricula and that pupils are enabled to make informed choices for themselves which lay good foundations for their futures.