Primary School

Aim High and Fly!

Headteacher's welcome


Primary school is a key time in any young person's development, it's where children learn language, to express their opinions, where they make friendships and develop their own moral code. For that reason, we as a school must give them the best possible start in life to go on to be global citizens of the world. What a privilege it is to be Head Teacher at this exciting time in the school’s development! I started here in January 2019 and below hope to give you a snapshot summary of the school and my educational philosophy. 


Firstly, and most importantly, the children in this school are brilliant. They are polite, thoughtful, articulate and creative. They make me (and all adults here) smile every day. This is a really special place to learn and I can’t wait to be involved in improving the school further for them; they deserve the best possible provision and care. We always put children first in decisions we make, considering the bigger picture and impact for the whole school and their futures. 


Secondly, for children to succeed they need to feel valued and secure and that this is the main job of everyone working in a school. Without this, children cannot and will not learn and continually improve themselves. Children must have positive relationships with each other and adults within the school community. All children deserve the opportunity to excel and I believe it is essential that excellent teaching and high expectations give our children the best possible foundations for their learning. We as a school need to make the most of our resources and ensure that we are organised so that our children can maximise every moment they spend here.


Finally, learning should be a joy - a rich experience which excites, inspires and builds resilient, engaged and motivated young people. 


Miss K Littlewood


April 2019


Headteacher's vision 2019-22