Primary School

Aim High and Fly!

CSET Physical Activities and Personal Challenges

The CSET Sports Partnership have created some weekly/daily personal challenges and activities that can be completed at home. It is very important to keep active and families can have lots of fun completing these personal challenges and activities. The sheets can be printed off and you can keep track of what you've done and record your scores. If you take any pictures whist completing the activities,  parents can tweet them to @CSETSports1.


There are also certificates that can be printed off at the end of every week.

Bronze = 2 daily challenges completed

Silver = 3 daily challenges and the weekly challenge 

Gold = 4 daily challenges and the weekly challenge

Platinum = 5 daily challenges and the weekly challenge 



CSET 1 Home X-Country League 

The CSET Sports Partnership will still be running their X-Country League – but from a distance!!  

  • There will be 3 different age categories so all children will be able to take part if they wish: KS1 / Year 3/4 / Year 5/6. The distances to be run will vary according to the age group and are set out on the individual race page attached.
  • Any teachers wishing to take part are asked to use the Year 5/6 course distances.  
  • The 3 leagues will take place on the dates stated - with children being able to take part on any day they wish.  


  •   A course/track of 8m should be marked out in the garden – Place an object at each end of the course/track.  IMPORTANT – Ensure that the garden is clear of any trip hazards/obstacles and, if you are running on grass, it is not too wet to run on. 
  •   Children record the time taken to complete the required number of laps and send their results to Dean Garrett by the relevant course deadline ( Please include: the child’s full name, (only first name will be published on the twitter) the school name and time run (as shown on the timer (e.g. 5:03:22) 
  • Children must run alone – no-one else to run alongside the. Encouragement from spectators is welcomed. Music can accompany the running.  Water/drinks bottles can be handed to the athlete during their run.


  • Certificates will be awarded to the Best Individual Boy & Best Individual Girl from each course 
  •   Certificates will be awarded to the Overall Best Individual Boy & Overall Best Individual Girl after the scores are combined from the 3 races (Points awarded on time compared to others in the race – e.g. fastest time = 1 point etc) Team Competition:  The four best times per school will go towards the Team scores 
  • Certificates will be awarded to the winning school from each course 
  • Certificates will be awarded to the overall winning school (combination of the 3 race totals)