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Primary School


Continuous Provision

At Stanbridge Primary School, we believe that high engagement results in high attainment. For this reason, we have implemented a learning-through-play curriculum throughout our EYFS and KS1 classrooms, where children are engaged and immersed in their learning.


What is Continuous Provision?

Continuous Provision is a term used to describe the environment, areas and resources within a setting to encourage child-led learning through play and engagement.

Within the Stanbridge classrooms this consists of 5 main areas; construction, creative, reading, role play/ imaginative, writing and our outside areas; water and sand.

The main point of continuous provision is that the resources maintain the same throughout the year. We, as a team, then enhance these areas with language, challenge and implementation and practise of new skills.


Why do we do it?

Children are the most engaged when they are invested and active in their learning. We, at Stanbridge, want to equip our children with the key skills, both emotional and academically, to succeed in the future (whatever that may hold!). Continuous provision offers the perfect avenue to a successful, engaging and open-ended learning environment, where the children bring their own 'magic' to their education. 

Children are taught to be creative, resilient, highly communicative and effective in solving problems, in every class, and also celebrates them as individual learners.


How do we do it?

In all our classrooms, we use the appropriate curriculum, alongside our highly skilled and experienced practitioners, to make sure our provision, and enhancements, facilitate and challenge every child. 

We also make sure that all children succeed and have high expectations, through the use of the Observation, Assessment and Planning cycle. This type of formative assessment, enables our teaching team to plan appropriate next steps and offer opportunities for children to practise taught skills.


What have we been reading?

If you would like to find out more about Continuous Provision, and the theory behind our change in curriculum delivery across the EYFS and KS1, follow some of these links below: