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As French is our modern foreign language we think it deserves a page all to itself!


Do you know which language is taught at Stanbridge…?


Bonjour! Here at Stanbridge we take a special interest in other languages and cultures (see our New Languages page). We are also very keen to further explore France and its people, especially as French is the modern foreign language taught in our school. Please note the links below will take you to a third party, external site.



French in our KS2 Classroom

Year 3 Learn French

Both Year  3 classes from 2015/16 had great fun learning french at Stanbridge! During their lessons a selection of children from both 3A & 3B created a video with Miss Thomas to showcase their French learning. We hope you enjoy it. Running time 3 minutes 13 seconds (2015/16)

French for Parents

The main aim is to give parents the confidence to help their children learn by testing them on their new words. This type of initiative has a whole school benefit too. It contributes in a very explicit and practical way to enhancing the home-school relationship.