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Primary School


Being an Athlete

Lead Athlete:

Mr Passsmore


Enjoying sports and exercise is something that we hope all children get from their time at Stanbridge School. It is an area of the curriculum that helps keep them healthy throughout their lives and supports their development of teamwork and communication in a fun way, making them a Lifelong Athlete. An expert Lifelong Athlete at Stanbridge learns the fundamental skills of movement, so they can apply these to the five main elements of Primary Physical education; Dance, Gymnastics, Team games, Outdoor Adventure and Athletics.  The children at Stanbridge do this through extensive expert tuition from Sporting Chance coaches and teachers who provide purposeful practice. Over time, children will be taught and supported in developing these skills to master different physical skills. They will understand the role teamwork, communication, and leadership play in becoming a successful Athlete and the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.  


How do we teach P.E. and why has this approach been chosen?

At Stanbridge, we understand that Lifelong Athletes are developed over time, which is why Physical Education plays an essential part within our curriculum at the school. Each class will have 1 hours of PE every week. When the children reach key stage 2 they will continue to build upon their fundamental skills of movement but will do this through the wider sports once a week.  Lessons will focus on areas such as dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. The children will also have the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills within the water safety through our swimming lessons. Alongside their lessons, students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricular sports clubs that provide children the opportunity to participate in competitions and events at both an intra and inter school level. These help build co-operative skills and build self-esteem and a sense of pride in themselves. 


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?

All children have the capability to excel at being an athlete and we hope that with a progressive skill based curriculum that is supported by professional sports coaches we will be able to help the children achieve this.


This year, we have been working with Sporting Chance to support in developing our Lifelong Athletes. We will know that we have succeeded in improving our athletes this year through by assessing children’s development and speaking to children about their athletic development.



After what has been a tricky year for competitive sports, next year we hope to take part in lots of competitions and provide the opportunity for all children to take part in inter-school tournaments in many different sports. This year we have been able to get expert coaches from Gloucestershire County Cricket Club in to share their knowledge with pupils in Year 3 and 6. Moving forward, we will bring in experts from other areas of sports to provide coaching to the children.