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Primary School


Being an Artist

Lead Artist:


Art at Stanbridge Primary School plays a key part in our broad and rich curriculum. We recognise that Art plays an important part of every child’s education and development. Therefore, we strive to provide an Art curriculum that inspires all of our children and links to other aspects of our curriculum. Through Art, the children are able to reach all subject areas in inspiring and imaginative ways.

Alongside the Art curriculum, the children have the opportunity to apply these skills across many subject areas.

In addition to this, the children have the opportunity to participate in a range of focused whole school Art projects. This year we are creating a large-scale art piece to display in the school library. It is based upon the story ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. The display will have the theme of our motto ‘be brave, not perfect’ and will be a gallery of art from every child in the school.

This is a link to the story our art piece is based on.


How do we teach Art and why has this approach been chosen?


At Stanbridge Primary School, we are working to develop enquiry-led learning and children frequently work as artists through their enquiry question- this could be as part of asking ‘What is Creativity?’ or ‘What do artists do? Our children develop a wide range of artistic skills and techniques which progress through the year groups, using the national curriculum guidance as a starting point but adding our own knowledge and skills. For example, making sure that children are exposed to a range of artistic styles and artists from history and from modern times as well as from a range of cultures and with a focus on the use of sustainable materials.


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?

It is essential that Art supports the philosophy of our school, develops the whole child and that every child feels included, challenged and supported. Stanbridge has always been proud of its inclusive creativity. We aim to show the children that to be a successful artist; it is not just about drawing but that Art is a multifaceted subject that everyone can be skilled in.