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Primary School


Being a Musician

Lead Musicians:

Mrs Toogood and Miss Owen 

At Stanbridge, we believe music plays an integral part of our curriculum. Music is a beautiful, creative language that we have a duty to share with out children.



How do we teach Music and why has this approach been chosen?

At Stanbridge, we follow the Charanga Music School scheme of work. This is a whole school approach that combines all the fundamental skills of. Each unit is structured in the following way


  • Listening and Appraising
  • Musical Activities
  • Warm-up Games
  • Optional Flexible Games
  • Singing
  • Playing instruments
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Performing


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?

Stanbridge Musicians and teachers will be able to articulate how a piece of music they have listened to or composed makes them fee. They will to express their ideas and feelings through song and composing. Progress will be identified at different points throughout the year by questioning and observing children.




Every year we work closely with the music hub. This year the children currently have ukulele lessons in Year 3 and Beat Bus lessons in Year 2.


We usually host peripatetic guitar and harmonica lessons in school. We are looking to have them again soon.