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Primary School


Being a Linguist

Lead Readers:

Miss Williams 


At Stanbridge Primary School, we understand the importance of broadening our knowledge of the world outside of the classroom. Our pupils are given opportunities to explore a new culture and country through the use of language. Language is a vital part of human connection and allows us to share our thoughts, ideas and feelings with others. We strive to teach a French curriculum that enables all students to leave Stanbridge with a clear understanding of the French language.


How do we teach French and why has this approach been chosen?

All of our KS2 children are taught an additional language; French. Across the key stage, we have a primary focus on listening and speaking in French.  Here at Stanbridge, our aim is to immerse all pupils in the French language in a variety of ways, including listening, speaking, singing and writing. We enhance the children’s learning by following ‘The Primary French Project’ which consists of interactive games, songs, stories and more. This engaging project supports pupils to learn French in a fun and exciting way.  It guides pupils to develop their skills across the key stage, building on their prior knowledge as they progress through the years. Pupils are taught 5 French lessons per term.


Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?

We believe learning an addition language plays a key role in offering our children a broad and rich curriculum. French is spoken by over 275 million people across the world and it is the fifth most spoken language. It is taught in every county in the world and it is the second most commonly taught language after English. Speaking French opens up opportunities for higher education, travel and an ability to understand French provides access to an alternative view of the world. Learning a new language not only exposes pupils to the language itself, but its opens up a whole new culture to immerse in. We feel passionately that our pupils deserve the chance to explore, learn and speak French to enable future opportunities.