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Primary School


Being a Geographer

Lead Geographers:

Miss McWatters



How do we teach Geography and why has this approach been chosen?


At Stanbridge Primary school we aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination for the world and all who live in it that will remain with the children long after they have left Stanbridge. We use an enquiry-based approach to encourage children to question and investigate the world around them in order to make sense of it. Our Geographers begin by using fieldwork and observation skills alongside maps and atlases focusing on their locality before comparing it to other locations around the world. Throughout their time at Stanbridge our geographers will develop their use of geographical vocabulary, tools and critical thinking to create links between human and physical features and processes. We aim for children to leave Stanbridge as global citizens who are aware of how they interact with the world to create innovative and sustainable change for the future.


We focus on teaching Locational knowledge, Place knowledge, Physical and Human features and Techniques and skills through our enquiry-based approach. Our ‘Curious city’ curriculum allows us to optimise our local surroundings and expertise to support our geographers. Children will have the opportunity to use atlases, maps, local experts and the surrounding areas to develop as Geographers throughout their time at Stanbridge. We aim to inspire children to be brave and spark curiosity from early years until they leave Stanbridge through our enquiry-based approach that is planned to build on the children’s geographical knowledge and skill set each year.



Why is it right for children at Stanbridge?


We have designed our curriculum with a clear purpose to encourage locally focused learning that all children can relate to and use positively once they have left Stanbridge whilst challenging them to think about their interactions with the wider world and think as a global citizen. Our enquires provide the children with a variety of creative learning opportunities for example, ‘How will we get around in the future’; ‘What is underneath our feet’; ‘Why do we all live here’; and ‘Where does our food really come from’.  





Exciting geography news and activities:



A fun website with games and support for reading and using maps:


Search for local street maps and explore your local area:




  • We have created a clear skills progression for our geographers at Stanbridge that will encourage them to be brave with their learning and think as a global citizen.
  • We are using pre and post enquiry quizzes allowing us identify prior knowledge to help inform our planning to ensure we are always challenging our ambitious geographers.




  • To develop and embed this enquiry-based approach to allow us to develop champions of geography.
  • Create stronger links with local experts. 


Geographer skills progression at Stanbridge