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Primary School


ABC Questioning

The AGREE, BUILD and CHALLENGE (ABC) Questioning Method is a teaching technique used to encourage enhanced discussion and thinking when conducting question and answer sessions in the classroom.  


At Stanbridge we use ABC questioning to encourage students to AGREE with other student views, BUILD upon each other’s ideas and CHALLENGE each other’s opinions.


In a question and answer session we ask students if they ‘agree’ with each other’s answers, views and opinions.

When the children agree with another student they need to explain or provide justification as to why they agree. 

This enables students to develop a consensus around a particular topic or point of view.  


During a question and answer session we might ask if the children would like to build upon another student’s answer. 

This can be achieved in two ways:

  • By further enhancing or elaborating upon an existing response provided by another child.
  • By adding additional related information and ideas to develop the wider understanding of the topic. 


We also ask the children if they would like to challenge each other’s responses and views. 

This is done done in a positive and constructive way to ensure challenge produces a beneficial outcome.

the children are encouraged to explain and justify why they disagree.